5 Reasons Why I’m Pro-life

Raised in a Christian home I fell into the footsteps of my pro-life parents. Life is life and that’s the end of it. It never occurred to me to really research abortion until this past year. I have compiled 5 main reasons why I believe in pro life.

1. Life Begins at Conception

What makes a person a person? Personality? Body parts? Genes? DNA? These small traits are formed at conception. A zygote forms when a sperm cell and an egg cell unite. A sperm cell contains genes from the father while the egg cell contain genes from the mother. This makes an unique person.

Abortion is only allowed because the child inside you is considered cells rather than life. I believe location is the only difference between a born baby and a baby inside the womb .

2. My Body is Not My Own

And a baby’s body is definitely not my own. Yes, the baby grows inside me. However, with different DNA, blood, and organs is not my body.

Who says I know best? Who am I to decide if someone’s life is worth living?

I was bought at a price. I want to do my best to honor God with my body. I make mistakes like everyone, but when it comes to a life growing inside me, that could never be a mistake. God created that person.

3. Part of Me

When I picture my future child, I see a sickly, selfish, blonde, little know it all. Why do I picture this? Because that’s me! I’m not saying all children are like their parents, but we do provide them with our genes, good or bad.

I once talked to a friend about what I would do if I were raped and became pregnant. In the end, I decided that no matter who the father was, that baby is still an unique little half me.

Take away your personal beliefs and ideas and you will find a person growing inside you. Additionally, this person is no stranger, it is part of you. Essentially, when you abort a baby you are aborting part of yourself.

4. Infertility 

Fertilization is a science in a miracle. So many things have to work perfectly to conceive a child. Surprisingly, this is the first time in history that the majority of women (15-30) wish for infertility, if only temporary, to appease their sexual desires. Heaven forbid a child is conceived against their wishes.

It is amazing we can even have children! Infertility and miscarriages are heartbreaking for couples desperately desiring children. American Society for Reproductive Medicine reports that “in a survey of married women, the CDC found that 1.5 million women in the US are infertile.”

That is potentially over half a million mothers wanting a child that you decided didn’t deserve to live.

5. For Women

Finally, I stand for women’s rights, that means every woman. 50% of abortions are little girls. Who is standing up for them?

Final Thoughts

Overall, killing a person is a crime, no matter how old. I can not be silent. I myself am proof that a zygote, fetus, or whatever you want to call it is a living being. 


4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I’m Pro-life”

  1. I don’t necessary agree with all your points but I do respect your opinion. I do feel that it is a very individual choice, with each person having very different circumstances. You mentioned the theoretical situation of being raped and that you would keep the baby, however another women may feel strongly in the opposite direction and I suppose its a horrific situation you don’t really know what you will do unless you are actually in the situation.

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    1. Thank you for commenting and I respect your opinion as well. True, I have no idea what my feelings would be after I got raped. Fear and shame come to mind. However, I understand it isn’t my fault or a baby’s fault.

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      1. That’s a very important point as sometimes women are made to feel like it is their fault and sometimes don’t come forward and report it. In fact even when they do report it some are still made to feel like this, like its their word against the mans word. Obviously that and as you said the shame and guilt will have a huge affect on their decisions regarding pregnancy. And you’re right its not the babies fault either.

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  2. I very much enjoyed your post and I agree wholeheartedly with your opinion. I’m also pro-life and the reason that is is because I realize that before Christ I was dead I wanted everything of the world I know that I obtained cry and walk in his Joy I can say that the joy of the Lord is truly my strength. I converted to Christianity about a year-and-a-half ago after being a Catholic for most of my life. After converting to Christianity I found jubilation which can only be found in Christ Jesus the word became life today and so did it Scriptures so much so that I’m now a study in pastor add an online Bible College


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