Are You Ready to See Your Fixer Upper?

Not only does Joanna Gaines have incredible taste, but she is also a role model for Christian women.


I love Fixer Upper! My mom, sister, and I all watch it together. Joanna Gaines has incredible taste, Christian morals, and a great story. Check it out!

Joanna’s testimony is inspiring. The hardest part for her was closing her shop to raise her kids. She let go of a dream. But in the end, God blessed her more than she could ever imagine. I’m not saying all women who give up their job/dream for motherhood are destined to head a million dollar show and brand. My point is Joanna Gaines demonstrates the self-sacrificing love of motherhood.

“Let God speak into your life. Let his Father heart come and say, ‘This is what I have for you.'”

A year ago I gave up a dream of my own. I am a planner. I make lists, set deadlines, and always finish my homework early. It makes me feel secure. I took pride in my 5 year plan of going into the medical profession. However, it only took one day for my pre-planned life to go to shreds. I was half way to school, bawling in my car because my plan was falling to pieces. You can’t plan every second of your life.

I so badly want to be in control, to follow my dream of becoming successful. But it’s worthless to become obsessed and driven for admiration, from world where everyone seeks attention.

Joanna Gaines gave up her dream for something more important. In ten years, what will Fixer Upper be? In 20, who will even remember the show? If the shows tanks tomorrow, Joanna will still have her family. Family is a gift from God. It is a reflection of his love for us.

I thank God for leading me here, down to this exact moment. He is my fixer upper. He took me as I am, washed away all the dirt, up-heaved all my insecurities, and created a new me, gave me a new hope, and ultimately a new place to call home.