How the Media Portrays Pregnancy

This week I would like to look at how the media portrays pregnancy. A few weeks ago, I watched “What to Except When You’re Expecting.” Hilarious and moving, the movie essentially shows how women progress through pregnancy. The movie centers around these five women.

Jennifer Lopez is adopting. Elizabeth Banks is not having her fairy tale pregnancy. Cameron Diaz is trying to balance work, love, and a baby. Anna Kendrick faces a miscarriage. Brooklyn Decker has the perfect pregnancy. “What to Expect When Expecting” tries to capture numerous topics involving pregnancy including, miscarriage, c-sections, family, infertility, and the pains of pregnancy.

My favorite scene is when Elizabeth Banks has her meltdown.

Elizabeth Banks calls the ‘pregnancy glow’ total crap.

A different perspective of pregnancy is seen in “Juno.” I think Juno is fascinating and entertaining. Juno tells the classic tale of the dreaded, ‘high school pregnancy.’

Juno did not plan her pregnancy. She did not want a kid in high school. However, as she walks into the a abortion clinic a friend changes her mind.

Fingernails capture Juno’s attention. Fingernails make Juno second guess her decision.

Juno decides to give her baby up for adoption which puts her into contact with Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman. The movie also goes into how Jason is not ready to be a father. The struggles of Juno, even though she is nonchalant, displays how pregnancy can affect the modern American teen.

In conclusion, pregnancy is a terrifying yet rewarding experience. Some women greatly desire a child while others like Juno were not even expecting it. Through these movies we see the general ideas of the public portrayed through media. And in the end, these movies teach us, can you really expect the unexpected?